About us

Ingensoma operates as what is traditionally denoted by Proprietary Trading Firm. All our trading is highly structured and based on an algorithmic approach executed in automated manner.

Ingensoma is an innovative and dynamic firm, with a flat management structure that encourages all employees to interact and contribute. The company was created by a group of friends who sought to combine their trading experience, sound discipline and intellectual capacities. Ingensoma has since expanded at an accelerated pace, to become an established player in key derivatives markets in Asia.

Ingensoma utilizies state-of-the-art proprietary software and advanced valuation models that allows it to be one of the most competitive market-makers in the major derivatives markets in Asia. With a focus on discipline and risk management, Ingensoma is able to profit from all types of market conditions. Our strategies exploit inefficiencies in the market and utilize a multitude of high frequency trading techniques that have low risk and provide high return.